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M.D. Geist II: Death Force 1996

  • Koichi Ohata
  • March 12, 1996
  • 45 mins
  • Japanese
  • Action, Animation, Science Fiction
Less than a year after Geist activated the Death Force, which decimated most of Jerra's population, he has kept himself busy by dismantling the Death Force machines one by one. Most of the remaining human population have fled to a remote haven run by a warlord named Krauser. Krauser is another MDS unit, MD-01, who has a technology that hides his mobile fortress from the Death Force.


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Enjoyment... which remains unchanged from the first OVA. The big difference here, however, is that the sequel ratchets up the on-screen gore, with the first act consisting entirely of Geist destroying a small contingent of Death Force robots in an admittedly awesome and downright GAR way, followed by many, many people having their heads explode after being chomped upon by the remaining 9,099 robots (yes, this stupid-looking number actually has a meaning to the plot). At least the creators knew what they were doing this time, and delivered more of what made the first OVA oddly tolerable, with a corresponding increase in still decent action scenes which are unfortunately also followed by a corresponding increase in laughably pathetic attempts at sexual tension and arousal.

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