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Magistrate Mayuzumi 1995

In a story set during the latter days of the Tokugawa Era, the tensions rise between the 'royalists' and those struggling to uphold the Shogunate. The most modern 'Gatling Gun' has been stolen from its warehouse in Edo Castle by burglars targeting the very Shogun himself, Tokugawa Ieyoshi (Oide Shun in a masterful performance). Leading the investigation is the newly appointed chief magistrate of the Arson & Robbery Division, Mayazumi Kuranosuke (Takahashi Hideki, in a powerful role). Takahashi Hideki stars as the manly, mounted magistrate! This brawny, tremendous sword fight drama is geared towards an adult audience. Co-starring Meguro Yuuki ("Omi" in Shogun mini-series), younger brother of superstar, Matsukata Hiroki. And son of screen-legend Konoe Jushiro!

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