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Manborg 2011

  • Steven Kostanski
  • September 22, 2011
  • 75 mins
  • English
  • Horror, Science Fiction
Revenge is Back
The film is about a soldier who gets killed fighting in a war against hell only to come back as a cyborg in the future. He then teams up with a crew of colorful characters to fight Dracula. There's going to be stop-motion monsters, arena battles and hoverbikes! And kung-fu and demon-nazi-vampires.


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This is an honest movie. No agenda, no formulas other than the ones they thought they could have the most fun with. It felt like a movie where me and my friends would enjoy the hell outta making, but much better than the actual results would be.

I know, it looks like it was made completely on After Effects and the props were just junk they had lying around in their houses. I know also that many of the participants made multiple roles to keep the staff short. And of course, it is quite clear that the budget was pretty low. But so what? It was intentionally planned given their constraints and self-awareness.

This is crucial, because it sets them apart of other "terrible masterpieces" as The Room, Birdemic or Samurai Cop. It's the kind of good "bad" movie that was done intentionally, but unlike Birdemic 2 and Samurai Cop 2 it isn't a cashgrab movie: it was just an honest movie with an acknowledged limited budget, made for the crew and the viewer to have fun. And it delivers.

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