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Moonwalker 1988

A Movie Like No Other
A movie that starts out with the "Man in the Mirror" music video, it then changes to a montage of video clips of Michael's career. Next comes a parody of his Bad video by children, and then Michael is chased by fans in a fantasy sequence. 2 more videos are shown, and then a movie in which Michael plays a hero with magical powers. In it he is chased by drug dealer Mr. Big and saves three children. Videos included in the movie are "Smooth Criminal" and "Come Together".


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My first introduction to MJ was this movie, over 20 years ago. A dodgy Beta recording off the TV was my parent's sure fire way to keep this toddler occupied for an hour and a half. Since then I have collected the DVD, Blu Ray, SEGA Megadrive Game, Novel and Album.

This movie is an invincible mash up of music video, kids adventure flick, sci-fi, animation and absolute feast for the eyes. Spine tingly, tear provoking moment with MJ as a child singing Ben on the Ed Sullivan Show, is no less than perfect.

Michael's music flows through my body, intertwined with my very being. His music and showmanship shaped my childhood and teenage years. He was my inspiration and will forever have an impact on my interest in music and dancing.

To say that I love this movie is an understatement. I very recently immortalised my passion for two gloved "M" entertainers in one incredible tattoo. I wear it loud and proud on my calf - just in time for the Australian leg of Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson.

If you've forgotten what it feels like to be a kid again and experience wonder or if you have simply forgotten the magic that made Michael a superstar, I would recommend you immerse yourself in this film.

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