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Mr. Moocher 1944

While doing their respective yardwork, the fox and crow (next-door neighbors) overhear a radio broadcast encouraging everyone to "love thy neighbor". The fox concludes, "I'm going to love my neighbor... if it kills me!" The crow tends to make a nuisance of himself as he borrows the fox's lawn mower and destroys it. Next, he borrows everything in sight the fox owns for an upcoming "Birthday" (at which point, the fox destroys his radio). The fox installs a security system but the crow still arrives at his house through an underground route. Finally, the fox travels to the Southwestern U.S. desert planting his home atop a high rock pillar... but the crow still returns. At this point, the fox freaks out borrowing something from the crow... "Some feathers 'cause I wanna be an Indian!". The naked crow concludes that the fox is "a mental case".

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