My Hero Academia Collection

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes 2018

  • 2018-08-03 + 15 more
  • 2019-03-26
  • 1h 36m
  • Kenji Nagasaki
  • Yosuke Kuroda (screenplay) + 2 more, Kohei Horikoshi (characters), Hitoshi Nagai (co-writer)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • BONES + 8 more, Toho Company, Ltd., Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV), Shueisha, Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV), Dentsu, Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Movic, Toho Music
  • Anime, Action, Superhero, Fantasy, Adventure
Who is your hero?
All Might and Deku accept an invitation to go abroad to a floating and mobile manmade city, called 'I-Island', where they research quirks as well as hero supplemental items at the special 'I-Expo' convention that is currently being held on the island. During that time, suddenly, despite an iron wall of security surrounding the island, the system is breached by a villain, and the only ones able to stop him are the students of Class 1-A.

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