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Naassaf Lehaza Al Khataa 1986

Sadiq is a simple clerk in the office of lawyer Issam intervenes to work the praise of his neighbor and the daughter of the neighborhood, which he loves in silence since childhood as a secretary in the office. Issam gets acquainted with Ola, a decadent girl who is fooled in her family to believe that they are a religious family, even though they manage their apartment for gambling. Issam gets injured in a car accident. He travels with his mother after his recovery to perform Hajj. The officer, who gave the name of praise to his boss before he was unjustly arrested and abandoned Issam after his return. Her relatives and the people of the neighborhood deny her and hold her sincere and stand next to her. Roushdi, who confesses innocence and praises Ola, is arrested and leads to the arrest of Ola and her family and releases praise. Issam asks her hand to reject him in order to abandon her in her ordeal.

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