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Nina 2016

Despite the controversy surrounding the film - the colour of Saldana's skin; the cinematic misrepresentation of the singer and her relationships - there is something more pronounced about the film's failure - Its a dull and miserable experience. The paper thin script doesn't help matters, either. Simone's music was brilliant and full of life - this film is the exact opposite.

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Zoe was magnificent in this role! I grew up listening to Simone. Watched the documetary on Netflix which was superb as well. Zoe don't let da bastards getcha down!

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I have heard rumours that this movie was kinda of contravertial... Because of the falsified relationship of Nina and her manager Clifton Henderson. But despite that fact.. Movie was still really good and shed a light on Nina Simone... She had a lot of struggles during her life... Which I personally had no idea about... Zoe Saldana did really splendid job there... Kudos to Zoe! Nina was a genius!

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