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Ocean's Twelve 2004

Really don't get this movie. Viewer is never in on the act. Ocean's Eleven >> Ocean's Twelve.

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Shout by SigHunter
2016-05-19T02:40:18-04:00— updated 2018-02-28T05:58:35-05:00

I liked the european touch but overall it was not very good

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La película es entretenida, pero qué manera de violarse el guión. Le doy siete corazones porque JULIA ROBERTS Y BRUCE WILLIS. JAJAJAJAJAJA.

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Ocean's Eleven is way much better

and I actually liked the detective lady

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What a waste of this cast.

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Ocean's 11 was great, this movie is a boring piece of crap

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I had very high hopes from this movie being the sequel of Oceans 11. But as almost everyone seems to point out, this movie did make the impact everyone expected. There are several reasons but the primary being the viewer is only made aware of the action after the fact and for only few seconds or minutes. Anyone interested in this series should skip this movie without doubt.

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I really like the twists in this movie!

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