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Paku Kuntilanak

  • 90 mins
  • Indonesian
  • Horror
Take her life, before you take the nail

Three corpse hunters have been assigned to search for a kuntilanak that has been reincarnated following the removal of a nail on its head by their leader, Pak Joko. Pak Joko is being pressured by his mother to get married in his increasingly old age. He tries to woo his secretary Mona but gets rejected by her. One day a beautiful woman named Kunti appears and she’s in fact the very corpse that the hunters have been searching for. Pak Joko falls in love with her beauty and decides to marry her. The hunters and his secretary try to convince Pak Joko that Kunti is a reincarnated kuntilanak that is seeking revenge against people who have hurt her in the past. Will Pak Joko succeed in marrying Kunti?


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