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Paperhouse 1988

  • Bernard Rose
  • January 1, 1988
  • 92 mins
  • English
  • Drama, Fantasy, Horror
A drawing that became a dream. A dream that became reality.
Anna is becoming lost in the loneliness of her own world when she discovers she can visit another, a house she has drawn herself and occupied by a young disabled boy. But as she discovers more of the links between her fantasy world and the mundane present, she is drawn only deeper into a dream turning into a nightmare.


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This was a surprisingly great movie.

I saw it when it was somewhat new. Back then, my brother and I would each get one rental. I picked action/spy movies, he went straight to the horror section. And Paperhouse was one he picked. Today I wouldn't call Paperhouse a horror movie, but back then it was a little scary in a couple places.

Then I got a chance to see it again, in HD as well. The first two thirds are mostly what I remember. After that was all new to me. Maybe I fell asleep the first time?

Either way, great movie. Watched it with my wife. She'd never seen it before, or heard of it. Both of us were impressed.

I want to rate it higher, but for what it was, an 8 is generous. It's more deserving of a 7 or 7.5. I guess it gets the extra point for such a unique and imaginative story.

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Paperhouse is an amazing movie. I hope this to get a remake, even liking the simplicity of this film.

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