Based on true events, makes one proud to be an Indian
Rating 10/10.

Year 1998 - How a country fooled the then superpower country and established its presence in the world. If you are a true Indian, this movie will fill you with love for the country, its great people, and the wonderful PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee we had at that time.

Most people don't know the story behind the headlines, and even those headlines are a distant memory for most.
This movie does justice in bringing the stories behind the proudest moment of the country.

Though the names of the leads had to be changed for the sake of confidentiality and adding an element of entertainment to the layman, the archive footage more than compensates for that.

This movie has great background soundtrack including montage songs, good acting, great direction & camera work and visual effects. Not a moment is spent idle.

Must watch.

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