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Re-Kill 2015

  • Valeri Milev
  • October 16, 2015
  • 87 mins
  • English
  • Science Fiction, Horror
We are the endangered species.
Five years after a zombie outbreak, the men and women of R-Division hunt down and destroy the undead. When they see signs of a second outbreak, they fear humanity may not survive.


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Have I mentioned my dislike for shaky cam and found footage type of movies before? Well...some of them are ok, but this one just made me sick...literally.

Re-Kill is nothing new. Your run of the mill zombie feature. It could have been much better, but then again, most zombie movies could have been better in my book. What made me rate this one down is that infuriating shaky camera. It's worse in this one than most. Shaky cam is only an excuse for sloppy work.

If you are a fan of the genre you'll probably like it. Most other people are better off finding something else to spend their time on.

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I mainly watched this as I've read about this a couple years ago... who would have thought, it's dated.
For all I care this would have worked better without the shacky cam. It's not really fun if you can't see the damn zombies. The story is also weak and put into the shadow by the more fun fake TV segments where this "show" runs on.

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Not the greatest zombie movie, but good enough to watch. I was actually more interested in TV clips that followed the main story.....

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