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Rewind This! 2013

  • Josh Johnson
  • August 27, 2013
  • 94 mins
  • Japanese
  • Documentary
Home video changed the world. The cultural and historical impact of the VHS tape was enormous. This film traces the ripples of that impact by examining the myriad aspects of society that were altered by the creation of videotape.


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Way back when I had a giant VHS collection. Now it's just a few selected titles still stuck on shelves in my childhood bedroom. None of them have been touched (or dusted for that matter) in almost a couple of decades. Rewind This! almost made me go to my parents and move them here. If I only could find a used VHS player of decent quality...

Rewind This! gives us a bit of history, a look into the collectors, and why this format was so popular...and still is in certain circles.
The documentary works well and kept me interested the whole running time. And...If you keep your eyes open there are a lot of old gems mentioned in this movie. Ideas for next fright night?

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Awesome and entertaining documentary about a soon(?) to be lost format. It's the perfect nostalgia trip for everyone who grew up with VHS or is interested in the medium. Featuring a wide range of Interviewees it almost never gets stale (except maybe in the part with "The Rock"). You might enjoy it less if you're offended by porn & gore or have zero interest in trashy movie gems :).

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