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Robin Hood 2010

A little longer than it needs to be, but still worth seeing. Crowe plays the same character he plays in every Scott film, but Blanchett's Marion is a definite winner. The supporting cast is thoroughly undeveloped, but Oscar Isaac's turn as Prince John was actually sort of fun. In all, though, it just made me want to watch The Lion In Winter.

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Solid, but not great. Robin Hood has its faults but never fails to entertain.

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Not the Robin I grew up on, being a huge fan of Pyle's novel and Flynn's "The Adventures of Robin Hood" I was disappointed in the story but still enjoyed the costume epic.

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Every new Robin Hood movie seems to tell the story different.

Still better than Costners in my opinion because that had to much weight on the romance.

Not mind blowingly good nevertheless enjoyable for a movie evening.

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