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Sarah's Key 2010

On the night of 16 July 1942, ten year old Sarah and her parents are being arrested and transported to the Velodrome d'Hiver in Paris where thousands of other jews are being send to get deported. Sarah however managed to lock her little brother in a closed just before the police entered their appartment.Sixty years later, Julia Jarmond, an American journalist in Paris, gets the assignment to write an article about this raid, a black page in the history of France. She starts digging archives and through Sarah's file discovers a well kept secret about her own in-laws.


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NOTE: Whatever production company created the English subtitles for this film should be run out of town. For example, a character in the film says, essentially, "Apologies from the youth of today," and the subtitles read: <YOUTH APOLOGY>.

I ended up having to rip the film and import another set of downloaded subtitles for this to even be watchable, but they went out of sync pretty fast, so the results were still not good. In fact, they were so not good that I am tempted to only recommend this film to people who have a decent grasp of the French language.

As for the film itself, it overlays the story of the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup of Jews in German-occupied Paris in 1942 with a modern-day personal melodrama of a journalist doing a story on the Roundup, as well as some super-plot-convenient family investigations.

Performances were generally decent, but one story was much more interesting than the other.

Another 2010 film, 'La Rafle (The Round Up)' (https://trakt.tv/movies/the-round-up-2010) tells this story far better, and without attempting to contrast the Holocaust in France with a modern-day woman's first-world problems and a Nancy Drew mystery.

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Li o livro e estou louca para ver o filme.

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The book is very good and normally the film is not that ok, but in this case it's filmed extremely well!

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