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Search Party 2014

  • Scot Armstrong
  • May 13, 2016
  • 93 mins
  • English
  • Comedy
This is not a vacation. It's a rescue mission.
Two oafs must rescue their stranded pal in Mexico.


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For the first 30 I was like whoa boy, this just aint workin'. Which is a real shame because it's pretty much a dream cast. I mean look at that list there. All heavy hitters. Luckily, as soon as my man Zouks showed up as The Amazing Hugo everything turned around. He's only on the screen for about 8 minutes, but it's just what this movie needed. As soon as that scene happened everything else kind of fell into place and by the end of it, I'd say I enjoyed this thing. If one day, a year or two from now, you're browsing HBOGO and you say whoa what is this movie? I've never heard of it...I'd say yeah, they shot it in 2013 and it came out in 2016, it was pretty much in and out, the reviews were awful but you know what, it's a fun, little movie. Or you could spend $2 now at Redbox and rent it instead of being cheap and super patient waiting for it to hit HBO. Also...Shannon Woodward should be in more things. Total babe and super funny. She was great on Raising Hope.

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This movie was pretty funny. I don't know why there are bad comments when it was all around a good movie. I didn't understand the very end with the guys in the hot tub and the drug dealing black guy (that looked a little like Mr. T from the A-Team) drove his truck through the storefront and the guys all run out... was there supoosed to be a sequel?

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If your searching for a decent comedy... keep looking. Awful!

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