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Secretly, Greatly 2013

  • Jang Cheol-Soo
  • June 5, 2013
  • 124 mins
  • Korean
  • Action, Comedy, Drama
As a North Korean sleeper cell agent, Ryu-han infiltrates the South and assumes the role of a village idiot in a rural town. He observes the townsfolk and waits patiently for his mission. One day, after 2 years of playing the role of the village idiot, fellow elite spies Hae-rang, posed as a rock star and Hae-jin, posed as an ordinary student, are dispatched to the same town as Ryu-han. He helps the other two spies settle in and teach them how to adjust in the South. There is a sudden drastic political power shift in the North and all three spies receive an urgent and ultimate mission.


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One of the bigger disappointments of the year for me. Chul-soo Jang's "Bedevilled" (http://trakt.tv/movie/bedevilled-2010) was a great genre blend with some stellar acting (and gore). His second feature sees him adapting a Webcomic and fitting everything into a mainstream friendly mush which is also my problem with the movie. I did not like the tonal shifts; from a slapstick comedy (with unrealistic comic moves) to a full-blown action movie. It is also rather long so I was happy when it ended. There are good parts (including the end) but overall not satisfying. This could also have been due to my expectations :I.

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