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Edo period in movies, TV series and anime


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Asian Cinema: A Field Guide (2007) by Tom Vick is a book about the history of cinema in various regions throughout Asia. This is a list of films mentioned in the book.

Part One: The Old Guard
China: Tradition and Resistance (#1-76)
Japan: Cinema of Extremes (77-266)
India: All That and then Some (267-355)

Part Two: Postwar Booms
Hong Kong: The Fine Art of Popular Cinema (356-459)
Korea: Rising from the Ashes of History (460-573)

Part Three: Recent Arrivals
Iran: A Continuing Conversation (574-632)
Taiwan: The Little Island that Could (633-675)

Part Four: New Players
South and Southeast Asia: Coming Into Focus
Bangladesh (676 & 677), Bhutan (678 & 679), Cambodia (680-682), Indonesia (683-689), Malaysia and Singapore (690-704), Nepal (705 & 706), Pakistan (707), The Philippines (708-732), Sri Lanka (733-737), Thailand (738-766), Tibet (767-772), Vietnam (773-784)
Central Asia and the Middle East: Global Intersections
The Former Soviet Republics, Afghanistan, and Mongolia (785-800), The Middle East (801–832), Turkey (833-843)

Part Five: Where to Go from Here
(List of websites and books)