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Space Amoeba 1970

  • Ishirô Honda
  • August 1, 1971
  • 84 mins
  • Japanese
  • Adventure, Science Fiction
Hideous creatures from outer space advance to invade the earth!
When a space probe crash-lands on a far-flung Pacific atoll, the craft's alien stowaways decide to take over their new world one creature at a time. Soon, the parasitic life forms latch onto three indigenous critters -- a squid, a crab and a snapping turtle -- and transform them into colossal mutant monsters.


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A very obscure Toho movie, that isn't really THAT bad. Looking at it now, isn't particulary politically correct: japanese actors in "blackface", and mocking the native's customs while mentioning that Japan occupied the island in WWII (and we all know how brutal the Japanese were during that bloody period of Asia's history) and that's why those noble savages know how to speak their language. Regardless, the monster action looks as good as the rest of the Toho greatest hits.

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