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Spielberg 2017

A bit disappointing. After watching De Palma where the director revealed much of his inspiration, meaning and difficulties behind his movies, this documentary didn't say much more than what was already said. The last quarter of the movie was more about Spielberg's reputation rather than his movies. Spielberg may not be as technical as De Palma but expanding more on his sentiments and reasons for directing the films he chose would have added much more.

For example, during the shooting of Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan, Hanks brings up the issue where the sun was in the wrong position but Spielberg was able to overcome it and film it differently. It would have been better if Spielberg spoke about this instead.

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This flick is a tad long to tell you this little. You have to figure people that watch this will be familiar with his work. Well, this tells you the bare minimum and really reveals little an E! True Hollywood Story couldn't except it is so light, it doesn't dare criticize the subject (though, I would be intimidated, too.) Some of the early material is good, but once it gets past the one hour mark it stops being fun and becomes tedious.

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A very interesting documentary. I wish it would of covered ever film at least a little but this was already a long movie so I get why they skipped some.

I wanted to watch this before I started to watch his filmography again. I plan to watch all his movies in between The Post and Ready Player One.

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A love letter to the man this may be, but he certainly deserves it. Imagine a cinematic landscape without E.T, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters, Jaws, Minority Report, et al. He changed the face of cinema by ushering in the summer blockbuster, but his work since has been both a masterwork of art as well as entertainment. Admittedly, I'm not too fond of Lincoln, and 1941 was a curious enigma, but I am always looking forward to what he brings to the screen next. Okay, so I am meant to be commenting on this doc, not the man himself, but the two are intertwined. As is shown here, people love Steven, not only for his films but for the person that he is. The documentary features many clips of his films, as well as behind the scenes and home movie footage. A treat for film buffs as well as fans of the 'Berg, this is a near must-see.

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