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Summer Lovers 1982

This is a sunny, bouncy early-80s softcore romance flick with a lot of cheesy musical montages, Greek island nude beaches, and mostly-hinted-at threesomes. Watching this film, you will:

  • Fall in love with a young Daryl Hannah
  • Or the exquisite Valérie Quennessen
  • Or both
  • Stare in amazement at Peter Gallagher's eyebrows
  • Suspect that the Greek Tourism Board funded this film

In terms of the Greek scenery, and the light tone, this would make a great double feature with 'Mamma Mia' (

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Shout by John Lambrou
2016-03-08T09:00:03Z— updated 2018-07-08T02:24:58Z

The story here is paper thin but the filming location Santorini, Greece would make any movie enjoyable. Stunning. The only word to describe the location. The fabricated menage a trois between our stars and the endless topless beaches are indeed surpassed by the beauty of the Greek Isles. It made me want to jump on a plane and be there tomorrow. Funny line when Daryl Hannah tells Michael one of her secrets - when she was young she always dreamed of being a mermaid, and this was two years before Splash.

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One of the first films of Daryl Hanna (nice).

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