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Suze Orman: The Courage to Be Rich

  • 75 mins

Suze Orman, author of the bestselling book and DVD 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, delivers another seminar to us, this time on The Courage to Be Rich. The premise of this lecture is "how to create changes in our life so that we can take charge of our financial future." Orman loosely divides the program into three sections: the first explores how our thoughts create our destiny; the second examines our relationship with our self, our money, and those we love and their money; and the final explores the myths and realities of Roth IRAs, commissions on mutual funds, and why you may not be getting the raise you deserve. Using personal anecdotes and exercises, Orman drives her points home. Her opinions are definite--make sure you have a prenuptial agreement, own your home, invest in a Roth IRA--but she is clear and effective in explaining the reasoning behind these absolutes. Her manner is both inviting--those new to the financial world will not be in the least intimidated--and knowledgeable.


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