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Talaaq 1958

School-teacher Indu lives a middle-class lifestyle along with her widower and unemployed dad, Moolchand Chabbe. They rent the upper floor of the building and her dad makes it his duty to prevent anyone from occupying the lower floor so as not to tamper with the flow of the municipal water pipe-line. Ravi Shankar Chaube, a Poet and an Engineer by profession succeeds in renting the lower floor, impresses Indu so much so that she falls in love with him, and with Moolchand's conditional blessing that he live with them as a Ghar Jamai, both get married. Indu quits her job, and after sometime they become parents of a boy and name him Ashoo. Four years later differences surface as Moolchand spends a lot of Ravi's hard-earned money gambling.


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