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Tamasha 2015

A venerable work by Imitiaz Ali. The movie carries :
-> That feeling of missing your childhood.
-> Heartbreak. Duh!
-> That feeling that you are someone whom you are not meant to be.

I'd like to believe Deepika's character is merely a device to push the storyline further. Otherwise, it'd be warranted to say that the director has missed on the niceties of her character.

The ending of the "hero" going to his girl back is banal. I think it was tailored to please the masses.
I would've preferred the screen to go dark once the protagonist narrated his new-found story to his father; thereby finding out who he is meant to be.

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Yeh Kya TAMASHA laga rakha hai!!!
Acting - Awesominngggg!
Story - Well, Blah!
Could have been a whole lot better.
Writers were on right track for a while.

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