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Term Life 2016

Average thriller and a little dated. The equivalent of a supermarket's own brand of cereal. May look like the bigger brands but falls short on the ingredients. Bland.

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A robbery planner is betrayed, and now his client is dead. Unfortunately for him, the client's father is a dangerous mobster intent on revenge. And to get to him the mobster is willing to go through his daughter. Now the robber must protect himself, his daughter against the mob and the policy, all the while trying to solve why he was set up.

Very forgettable.

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Vince Vaughn and Hailee Steinfeld are on the run from mobsters and crooked cops. Steinfeld barely knows her criminal dad played by Vaughn. So of course she gets to know him when they are on the run.
Hell, they even have time to go to carnivals and do all sort of bonding. Before the bad guys remember they are after them.
The cast is good, too good for the lazy material. For a 0% reviewed movie it’s surprising how many good actors pop up in it.

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