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Terri 2011

  • Azazel Jacobs
  • July 1, 2011
  • 105 mins
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama
Terri, a pajama-clad, disaffected high school student learns how to engage the world with the help of Mr. Fitzgerald, his assistant principal.


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I'm giving this film a fair, because it wasn't crap, and it wasn't great, kept me hooked.. It was a slow paced film, but it pulled it off, and nothing much happened really, but i don't mind, funny in parts.. I didn't think he'd learned anything through the film, as it says... I thought Mr. Fitzgerald ( John. C. Reilly.) learned more from him.. I didn't think he struggled, more he couldn't be arsed, and he new what he was doing, and just wanted to be himself.. so yeah.. fair from me..

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I'm actually kind of pissed at this film for wasting my time. Never before have I had to endure such a plodding, aimless, entirely uncharismatic leading character. And I've seen Jacob Wysocki in 'Pitch Perfect', where he at least has some personality, so it's obviously a directorial choice here.

Worst of all, there's little payoff for sticking with this film. It masquerades as something quite deep, which I think is dishonest. Nobody experiences even a moment of enlightenment or insight. Our "pajama-clad, disaffected high school student" actually does NOT learn "how to engage the world." Nothing changes. This film really doesn't say a great deal, and it ends without trying to reach any sort of resolution. It literally plods off into the sunset.

On the plus side... Creed Bratton (from 'The Office') is one of the best things about this movie. And John C. Reilly brings his trademark energy, warmth and relatability. Ultimately, though, it's not enough to liven up this interminable sleepwalk.

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