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The Curse 1987

  • David Keith
  • September 11, 1987
  • 92 mins
  • English
  • Horror
It took seed...now it needs to feed
Nathan Hayes is a religious man trying to hold onto his farm and keep his family in line. A real estate developer is trying to buy most of the farm property in the area, including Mr. Hayes family farm, in the hope that the Tennesse Valley Authority will choose the town for the site of a new dam and recreational area. The night of a terrible storm, an unidentified, glowing object crashes on the Hayes farm and with it comes a horrible curse for the Hayes family and the members of the community.


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Under appreciated. Sets up complex enough family relationships at the start and the characters are good. You like and dislike people. Job done. Although most character dont develop after the first 20 minutes anyway.
First main effect.... yeah it's bad. I really don't mind cheese.
The horror starts and it's a lot of things. It's creepy, dumb, well made, poorly made, funny and imaginative. I didn't mind whatever I'm watching because the pace of the movie is good. Always something stupid about to happen. It's at least a ride. More spinning teacups than ghost train.

I don't know the H.P Lovecraft story it's based on. This movie may get negative reviews from people that expected a low budget 80s horror that has to cater to a certian audience to be faithful. Then the elitists.

Action at the end is a little staged and could have been funnier, scarier or more inventive. The acting was decent in it. Claude Atkins does his role really well. Hammy at times and also believable.

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