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The Days God Slept 2013

How Much Do You Really Want to Know?

“The Days God Slept” is a cinematic prayer which uses surrealistic images and non-literal elements to reveal the emotions of its characters. We are introduced to a mysterious Gentleman’s Club where John (played by Malcolm Madera) enters looking for Kristy (Lauren Fox), one of the dancers. He sees her with another patron and when they come together, she says “I have something I need to tell you”. In a series of private exchanges, we begin to understand a sense of the connection between the two. Kristy begins a story that she “needs to tell” John and their blossoming intimacy is harshly derailed. As Kristy struggles to tell her tale, the fantasy realm of the club yields itself to a different reality – the less fanciful daylight of a park. The shifting between locations conveys the shifting realities in the characters’ minds. Ultimately, THE DAYS GOD SLEPT is the story of a man trying to discover the secrets of a woman, which begs the question, “How much do you really want to know?”


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