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The Defender 1995

  • January 1, 1995
  • 90 mins
  • Kazuya Konaka
  • English

Computer engineer Takashi notices that a microchip is protruding fro his head. He contacts a notorious hacker for help. Meanwhile, Takashi's world is turning upside down. He's robbed at knifepoint & then chased through the crowded Tokyo streets by a giant. Or maybe not. Perhaps the microchip is only making him think these things are happening. Soon he realizes there's a connection between all the bizarre traumas and a girl named Masami. Seemingly, all his troubles started when she visited his repair shop and asked him to fix her cd rom-unit. Eventually Takashi finds himself psychically linked to the girl. As it turns out, they are secret government-made humanoids, programmed to live undetected within society an then - when the need should arise - they are activated as professional fighters; The action of the movie itself plays like the Defender arcade game.

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