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The Fury 1978

An entertaining Kirk Douglas movie when he is on screen and looking crazed. More of a chore the rest of the time and tough to follow at times. A little laughable and hokey in places and slow in the middle but satisfying action when the action kicks in. An great rousing and creepy score at the top and during the credits though.

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It's more of a Jame Bond spy type movie for 90% of it. It only gets the interesting stuff in the last 10 minutes and even that was a let down. Terribly paced movie that could have been cut down to maybe 30 minutes.

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Meh. Maybe if they had cut the entire Kirk Douglas storyline we'd have a nice little "psychic abilities" horror/thriller, and a nice companion piece to Carrie. But the movie as-is is just a mess, the tone is all over the place.

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