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The Godsend 1980

  • Gabrielle Beaumont
  • January 25, 1980
  • 90 mins
  • English
  • Horror, Thriller
If Bonnie is a gift from Heaven...for God's sake take her back..!
This meandering distaff variant on The Omen begins with a visit from a strange pregnant woman (Angela Pleasence) to the house of a young suburban couple (Malcolm Stoddard and Cyd Hayman), where she gives birth to a baby girl and promptly exits stage left. The befuddled pair decide to adopt the white-haired, angelic-looking infant, only to discover the child's true nature in the years to come. One by one, the couple's natural offspring are killed off in horrible ways; any future attempts at conception end in miscarriage and Stoddard's eventual sterility. These horrific events unfold over a period of several years -- a concept which probably served better in print than on screen, where such leisurely plot development dooms any chance for suspense. Worse, the vague supernatural explanation is not adequately clarified by the film's denouement, leaving little more than a somber tale of meaningless tragedy.


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Not bad. Could have been amazing but it's still decent.

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