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The House at the End of Time 2013

  • Alejandro Hidalgo
  • June 21, 2013
  • 101 mins
  • Spanish; Castilian
  • Horror
There's no turning back
The House at the End of Time is the first Venezuelan thriller suspense and terror. It tells the story of Dulce (Ruddy Rodriguez) a mother who has encounters with apparitions inside her old house, where she must decipher a mystery that could trigger a prophecy: the death of her family.


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Great concept and it was really intriguing watching everything unfold. More of a thriller with some scary moments (although that's not a bad thing). One problem I had with it was when the older Dolce warns Leopold. You'd think she would try alternative warnings since the ones she gave her younger self clearly didn't work? I assume she didn't fully understand what was happening yet, but....

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old-age makeup is so distracting.

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This movie is actually kind of decent. It's not the typical horror movie, it's more in the lines of a thriller where it keeps you guessing what's going on.

I know there might be a few plot holes in the movie, but if this storyline had a Hollywood production, better makeup and a recognizable face as the leading actress, this movie would actually be considered a very good thriller.

The first 40 min. of the movie are kind of slow, but it gets better.

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