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The Killing 1956

  • Stanley Kubrick
  • May 20, 1956
  • 85 mins
  • English
  • Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
...Like No Other Picture Since "Scarface" and "Little Caesar"!
The Killing was Stanley Kubrick’s first film with a professional cast and the first time he achieved public recognition as the unconventional director he’s now known for. The story is of ex-prisoners who plan to set up a racetrack so they can live a life without monetary worries. One of the more exceptional films of the 1950’s.


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Love this movie. I hadn't seen it in awhile so it was until the third act when I remembered how it ends. I still gasped out loud when it went down at the airport and the money flew everywhere. That damn dog. Not cool, dog.

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One of my favorite films of all time. Here, Kubrick uses the technique of recounting the entire story from each character's perspective, each lens giving us more pieces of the story. The dialogue is taut throughout, the pacing is incredibly brisk, and the ornate jazz score binds the entire thing together in a most spectacular way. This is the film whose style many modern movies from different countries have copied and you can't call yourself a Kubrick fan until you've seen this!

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Here is Kubrick's first big film, and damn do I enjoy it. I remember owning the Kubrick DVD collection, but then discovering that the set did not include much of his early stuff. I don't get why they leave those off, because as soon as I saw this I knew it was being under appreciated.

The character of George in this makes me love every minute he's in. When we first meet him and his wife, I cannot contain my laughter. Such a great couple in fights. Then his actions as the film progresses are all even better. Sterling Hayden is a great lead too. Seeing him in this made me realize he's more than just his character from The Godfather.

We also get a great storytelling concept. We keep getting little bits of information on how this robbery is going to happen; just enough to keep you interested but never so little you get bored. And you keep going back and forth in timing, seeing things from different player's perspectives.

You know what my biggest problem is though? That stupid TV show is what people think about first from the title instead of this great movie.

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