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The King of Arcades 2014

Overlong and self indulgent and ultimately self pity. This should have been 80 mins tops. And the music video clip at the end is a serious WTF!?

Sadly Billy Mitchell appears as he has to in anything that he possibly can to do with arcades. His self importance is staggering and way he is fawned over is breathtaking. He is a joke of a man. Best line in the film was about him when a guy gets on a stool and says straight faced and heartfelt to a crowd full of sniggers. "Billy doesn't have a mullet, it's all the same length". I laughed so hard pee nearly came out.

King of Kong ( is a far better documentary in the field of arcade though more about a specific topic (Donkey Kong obviously). Alas it's about Billy Mitchell and the sycophants are out in droves. The comments on KoK echo my sentiments for the man.

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