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The Omega Man 1971

Comical at best and entirely boring. Heston as himself. Perhaps a sign of things to come as later on at NRA meetings he was quite good at simply talking to empty chairs and random objects.

The acting is all stiff, the characters all unexplained.

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I would put this closer to deserving Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment over being a sci-fi classic, but to each his own. I'm not sure if it was budget or general lack of interest, but there are certain aspects of this movie that bothered me. First, in the abandoned day time world of post-apocalyptic L.A., you can see people and an occasional car moving far back in the camera shot that are not part of the movie. Second, in the scenes where Heston is on a motorcycle, there was not even a subtle attempt to hide the stunt man. He looked nothing like Heston, didn't wear a wig, had a different build, and the frame was often tight blatantly showing all this. Lastly, the bullet wounds. Bad for 1971 even, ketchup everywhere. I also hated the ending. No spoiler but that was terrible. The story had great potential and I did enjoy the scenes where Heston was bantering with his chess mate but something was missing. BTW, I have not seen I Am Legend so no comparisons between the two.

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Look folks, this is a piece of science fiction history. It looks terribly dated when you watch it today, but it's the 2nd screen play attempt based on the Richard Matheson book "I Am Legend", the first also worth watching for historical purposes "The Last Man On Earth" with the most wonderful Vincent Price, and the most recent with Will Smith of course, simply named after the book. This is a legendary book which has been capturing audience imaginations for 50 years through 3 remakes!!

If you really want a good sense of how the film industry has evolved over the years, watch all 3 and read the book. By understanding the context each was made in, you can enjoy and learn a lot.

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halfway thru it now hope it'll pick up because boy oh boy its a bit of a snooze. other than the austin powers influencing puffy shirt/jacket combo hahahah that makes this worth it.

saving a rating until end of movie

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