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The Outing 2012

  • Mathieu Seiler
  • April 21, 2012
  • 91 mins
  • German
A young family in Berlin decides to go on an outing into the woods outside of town. Once in the countryside, the little daughter gets an unsettling feeling. Soon, this turns out as a dark foreboding. As the quiet afternoon progresses, for the young family, it will never be the way it was.

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I don't know how I should feel about the movie. After watching it I was kind of ok with it or at least the mood I got from it but it is a flawed one. This mainly goes to it's surreal touches, even thought these feel more artsy fartsy. It starts out already odd: them going east for a picnic (a far away spot) and then unpacking, eating seemingly only chicken wings and having forgotten everything from the corkscrew to glases, plates and silverware (add to that some akward "Hohes C" advertising)... The interactions between them seem strange and the dialogue's often disjointed. Once they awake from their black out they even add some weird stares to the repetoire.
I just don't think it's an acomplished movie. It gives us hints about what's happening from early on but never shows us the action (only some terrible CG corpses) and feels that it has to explain everything at the end again.
The sadest thing was probably that for the screening the director, one of the actors, the cinematographer and the producer were present but failed to take the initiative for the Q&A so they just stood at the doors while everyone was leaving the cinema - bummer...

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