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The Running Man 1987

  • Paul Michael Glaser
  • November 13, 1987
  • 101 mins
  • English
  • Action, Science Fiction
A game nobody survives. But Schwarzenegger has yet to play.
By 2017, the global economy has collapsed and American society has become a totalitarian police state, censoring all cultural activity. The government pacifies the populace by broadcasting a number of game shows in which convicted criminals fight for their lives, including the gladiator-style The Running Man, hosted by the ruthless Damon Killian, where “runners” attempt to evade “stalkers” and certain death for a chance to be pardoned and set free.


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I have never been able to forgive the makers of this film for ruining a great story and turning it into a joke of a movie that has nothing to do with it's original origins and aside from a few names, shares nothing with the short story upon which it is supposed to be based.

I urge everyone to check out The Running Man by Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King's pseudonym) as it is a gripping read and a million times better than this dirge.

I only gave it 4/10 and I feel like I'm being generous because I did see it as a kid in the cinema back in the day and have fond memories of going to watch films with friends almost every weekend... Call me a soppy old git I guess. :)

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Ah yes the original hunger game. Luv it!

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Old School! Awesome!

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