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The Secret of Nikola Tesla 1980

  • September 12, 1980
  • 115 mins
The Genius Who Lit The World
Life and times of Nikola Tesla, famous scientist whose inventions were stolen, but whose greatest contribution to mankind remain a mystery to this day.

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Nikola Tesla was by accident a philanthropist, he felt a great obligation and shame towards nature, for doing nothing. In other words... He felt responsible for not trying to correct the wrong way mankind had chosen and which all of us till today collectively are indoctrinated to follow.

This film most accurately shows the character profile of people like him. Working in a ditch and reminding the person offering him an opportunity that normally the work will continue to 5 o'clock. The consciousness that shaking someones hand is the main reason of spreading disease. The torment of Visual and audio input has been clarified very subtle and even though it has only been explained on rare occasions, it is obvious throughout the film that this continuously awareness off everything torments the character.

Nikola Tesla might be considered crazy by 97,5% of the world population, but this percentage will decrease as mankind will continue to evolve.

Sadly future generations will probably condemn us for not listening to this genius and pursuing wealth and money above religion, living in harmony with nature and striving for perfection.

Anyone slightly interested is this individual should read his vision on THE PROBLEM OF INCREASING HUMAN ENERGY (not about electricity as many will believe).

Nikola Tesla 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943

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