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The Tuxedo 2002

Jackie Chan just being Jackie Chan is entertaining. Even if the movie isn’t perfect. It’s also a bit sexist which I am sure would be controversial if it was made now.

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El esmoquin
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It's playing on the CW right now, and I always remember this one for having the Trance track, "Exploration of Space" by Cosmic Gate, during the dancehall scene. Of all films, it had to be in a Jackie Chan movie, haha. I mean, I like Jackie Chan movies, his Chinese/Hong Kong ones moreso than the Hollywood/American-produced ones. But this one's okay, it's got a comedic Bond/spy type theme going on, similar to the Get Smart series, and I like some of the cool tech gadgets in this. Also, James Brown is in this!

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Utterly stupid, and not worthy of Jackie Chan.

I mostly enjoy Jackie Chan movies. With a few glaring exceptions, which The Tuxedo is one of, Jackie Chan has always managed to make entertainment out of his own "brand" of martial arts. The Tuxedo has little of his trademark martial arts, and the comedy just doesn't work. One of the few good thing about this movie is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Not because of her acting, but her "other" assets...

One star for Hewitts "twins"...half a star for the rest of the movie.

Stay waaaay clear...

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Love Jackie

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