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The Untouchables 1987

  • Brian De Palma
  • June 2, 1987
  • 119 mins
  • English
  • Crime, Drama, History, Thriller
What are you prepared to do?
Young Treasury Agent Elliot Ness arrives in Chicago and is determined to take down Al Capone but it's not going to be easy, because Capone has the police in his pocket. Ness meets Jimmy Malone a veteran patrolman and probably the most honorable one in the force. He asks Malone to help him get Capone but Malone warns him that if he goes after Capone, he is going to war.


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Although belonging to a typical genre, this film certainly stands out. Don't miss it!

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Finally got around to watching this. I liked it, but I think I waited too long. The score is overbearing and schmaltzy. Some of the action scenes are pretty hammy. That whole scene in Canada is unbelievable. And not in the awesome sense, but in the I can't buy that many dudes with tommy guns can't hit four guys coming at them on horses. That feels like I'm nitpicking but I guess I'm using that moment to sum up my issue with some of the action. This movie feels older than it is. Like it came out in the 60s. Not that that means it's bad, just that it has the editing and fight choreography of an older era. Oh, and I was cracking up when Kevin Costner was dragging that carriage up the stairs. Surprised that baby didn't bounce out of there.

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I was 17 when I saw it opening weekend. I can't remember loving it then, but seeing it again 19 years later I find it very moving. I don't know if it's Sean Connery's performance of a man reclaiming purpose at the end of his life, Ennio Morricone's stirring score or Mamet's script that turns an action drama into a moral crusade.

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