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Trailer: The Movie

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

The cast and crew of TRAILER: THE MOVIE take you on two trips. If any narrative can be capable of describing the first, it would be about two loser guys devoid of reason or restraint, who uncharismatically pick up two girls. It turns out these four are very much made for each other and for the rest of the film are free to run roughshod over the desert and then Hollywood. The second trip is through the dialogue, pulling snippets from famous films at (mostly) appropriate times. If you caught yourself recognizing any of them, give yourself a gold star. I am sure I missed over half of them, but the film's structure lets you know instantly that what you are hearing has got to be significant. My favorite reference was the classic "These are not the droids you're looking for" scene from STAR WARS. Ian and company obviously had a lot of fun making this film (as is evident from the very end shot), and I hope to see any future projects from them.

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