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Triphopping in the Planet Drug 1999

  • December 1, 1999
  • 4 mins
  • Paul Poet
  • Paul Poet (screenplay)
  • Italian

Sleazy jazzy Exotica TripPop as luxury drowned homage to 70s Euro-Grindhouse Cinema and its famed cult directors like Jess Franco, Jean Rollin or Harry Kümel: Red plush, opium n'a serious lack of oxygen. Surrounded by bizarre costumes and rituals, seductive singer Laura Mura breaks the power of horny kingsmen and lusty leatherslaves. A final return to a storytelling narrative in videoclips, not seen since the glory days of Kate Bush. Cinematic opulence, shot in Viennas famous, recently burned down Sophiensäle, that could leave its DV origin far behind by sheer tasteful style and won international recognition, airplay and a prize.


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