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Tuesday Morning Ride 1995


List of Nominees and Winners.

  • Actor in a Leading Role

Nicolas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas" - WINNER
Richard Dreyfuss in "Mr. Holland’s Opus"
Anthony Hopkins in "Nixon"
Sean Penn in "Dead Man Walking"
Massimo Troisi in "The Postman (Il Postino)"

  • Actor in a Supporting Role

James Cromwell in "Babe"
Ed Harris in "Apollo 13"
Brad Pitt in "12 Monkeys"
Tim Roth in "Rob Roy"
Kevin Spacey in "The Usual Suspects" - WINNER

  • Actress in a Leading Role

Susan Sarandon in "Dead Man Walking" - WINNER
Elisabeth Shue in "Leaving Las Vegas"
Sharon Stone in "Casino"
Meryl Streep in "The Bridges of Madison County"
Emma Thompson in "Sense and Sensibility"

  • Actress in a Supporting Role

Joan Allen in "Nixon"
Kathleen Quinlan in "Apollo 13"
Mira Sorvino in "Mighty Aphrodite" - WINNER
Mare Winningham in "Georgia"
Kate Winslet in "Sense and Sensibility"

  • Art Direction

"Apollo 13" Art Direction: Michael Corenblith; Set Decoration: Merideth Boswell
"Babe" Art Direction: Roger Ford; Set Decoration: Kerrie Brown
"A Little Princess" Art Direction: Bo Welch; Set Decoration: Cheryl Carasik
"Restoration" Eugenio Zanetti - WINNER
"Richard III" Tony Burrough

  • Cinematography

"Batman Forever" Stephen Goldblatt
"Braveheart" John Toll - WINNER
"A Little Princess" Emmanuel Lubezki
"Sense and Sensibility" Michael Coulter
"Shanghai Triad" Lu Yue

  • Costume Design

"Braveheart" Charles Knode
"Restoration" James Acheson - WINNER
"Richard III" Shuna Harwood
"Sense and Sensibility" Jenny Beavan, John Bright
"12 Monkeys" Julie Weiss

  • Directing

"Babe" Chris Noonan
"Braveheart" Mel Gibson - WINNER
"Dead Man Walking" Tim Robbins
"Leaving Las Vegas" Mike Figgis
"The Postman (Il Postino)" Michael Radford

  • Documentary (Feature)

"Anne Frank Remembered" Jon Blair - WINNER
"The Battle over Citizen Kane" Thomas Lennon, Michael Epstein
"Fiddlefest--Roberta Tzavaras and Her East Harlem Violin Program" Allan Miller, Walter Scheuer
"Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream" Mike Tollin, Fredric Golding
"Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern" Jeanne Jordan, Steven Ascher

  • Documentary (Short Subject)

"Jim Dine: A Self-Portrait on the Walls" Nancy Dine, Richard Stilwell
"The Living Sea" Greg MacGillivray, Alec Lorimore
"Never Give Up: The 20th Century Odyssey of Herbert Zipper" Terry Sanders, Freida Lee Mock
"One Survivor Remembers" Kary Antholis - WINNER
"The Shadow of Hate" Charles Guggenheim

  • Film Editing

"Apollo 13" Mike Hill, Dan Hanley - WINNER
"Babe" Marcus D’Arcy, Jay Friedkin
"Braveheart" Steven Rosenblum
"Crimson Tide" Chris Lebenzon
"Seven" Richard Francis-Bruce

  • Foreign Language Film

"All Things Fair" Sweden
"Antonia’s Line" The Netherlands - WINNER
"Dust of Life" Algeria
"O Quatrilho" Brazil
"The Star Maker" Italy

  • Makeup

"Braveheart" Peter Frampton, Paul Pattison, Lois Burwell - WINNER
"My Family, Mi Familia" Ken Diaz, Mark Sanchez
"Roommates" Greg Cannom, Bob Laden, Colleen Callaghan

  • Music (Original Dramatic Score)

"Apollo 13" James Horner
"Braveheart" James Horner
"Nixon" John Williams
"The Postman (Il Postino)" Luis Enrique Bacalov - WINNER
"Sense and Sensibility" Patrick Doyle

  • Music (Original Musical or Comedy Score)

"The American President" Marc Shaiman
"Pocahontas" Music by Alan Menken; Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz; Orchestral Score by Alan Menken - WINNER
"Sabrina" John Williams
"Toy Story" Randy Newman
"Unstrung Heroes" Thomas Newman

  • Music (Original Song)

"Colors of the Wind" from "Pocahontas" Music by Alan Menken; Lyric by Stephen Schwartz - WINNER
"Dead Man Walkin’" from "Dead Man Walking" Music and Lyric by Bruce Springsteen
"Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" from "Don Juan DeMarco" Music and Lyric by Michael Kamen, Bryan Adams and Robert John Lange
"Moonlight" from "Sabrina" Music by John Williams; Lyric by Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman
"You’ve Got a Friend in Me" from "Toy Story" Music and Lyric by Randy Newman

  • Best Picture

"Apollo 13" Brian Grazer, Producer
"Babe" George Miller, Doug Mitchell and Bill Miller, Producers
"Braveheart" Mel Gibson, Alan Ladd, Jr. and Bruce Davey, Producers - WINNER
"The Postman (Il Postino)" Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori and Gaetano Daniele, Producers
"Sense and Sensibility" Lindsay Doran, Producer

  • Short Film (Animated)

"The Chicken from Outer Space" John R. Dilworth
"A Close Shave" Nick Park - WINNER
"the end" Chris Landreth, Robin Bargar
"Gagarin" Alexij Kharitidi
"Runaway Brain" Chris Bailey

  • Short Film (Live Action)

"Brooms" Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas
"Duke of Groove" Griffin Dunne, Thom Colwell
"Lieberman in Love" Christine Lahti, Jana Sue Memel - WINNER
"Little Surprises" Jeff Goldblum, Tikki Goldberg
"Tuesday Morning Ride" Dianne Houston, Joy Ryan

  • Sound

"Apollo 13" Rick Dior, Steve Pederson, Scott Millan, David MacMillan - WINNER
"Batman Forever" Donald O. Mitchell, Frank A. Montaño, Michael Herbick, Petur Hliddal
"Braveheart" Andy Nelson, Scott Millan, Anna Behlmer, Brian Simmons
"Crimson Tide" Kevin O’Connell, Rick Kline, Gregory H. Watkins, William B. Kaplan
"Waterworld" Steve Maslow, Gregg Landaker, Keith A. Wester

  • Sound Effects Editing

"Batman Forever" John Leveque, Bruce Stambler
"Braveheart" Lon Bender, Per Hallberg - WINNER
"Crimson Tide" George Watters II

  • Visual Effects

"Apollo 13" Robert Legato, Michael Kanfer, Leslie Ekker, Matt Sweeney
"Babe" Scott E. Anderson, Charles Gibson, Neal Scanlan, John Cox - WINNER

  • Writing (Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published)

"Apollo 13" William Broyles, Jr., Al Reinert
"Babe" George Miller, Chris Noonan
"Leaving Las Vegas" Mike Figgis
"The Postman (Il Postino)" Anna Pavignano, Michael Radford, Furio Scarpelli, Giacomo Scarpelli, Massimo Troisi
"Sense and Sensibility" Emma Thompson - WINNER

  • Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)

"Braveheart" Randall Wallace
"Mighty Aphrodite" Woody Allen
"Nixon" Stephen J. Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson, Oliver Stone
"Toy Story" Screenplay by Joss Whedon, Andrew Stanton, Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow; Story by John Lasseter, Peter Docter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft
"The Usual Suspects" Christopher McQuarrie - WINNER


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