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Vent de panique 1987

Roland and Martine, once child stars in a TV series, have sunk into a life of crime. Answering an ad from Isabelle, a young girl seeking work with children, they abduct her with the intention of selling her into prostitution. At the last moment, having become fond of her, they relent and set out to take her home. She rebels, insisting that she enjoys their exciting life of stolen cars, stolen cheques, hotels and restaurants left without paying the bill, and the threesome become a formidable team. Then Isabelle's mood changes again and she disappears with a hitch-hiker. Worried over her future, Roland and Martine trace her to the town where she is about to get married and abduct her, this time from the church steps. Roaring off in a stolen ambulance, the three are happily on the run again.


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