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Video Wars 1983

  • January 1, 1983
  • 90 mins
  • Mario Giampaolo
  • English
  • Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller
At the International Video Game Championship, the winner can save the world... or destroy it!

The evil 'overseer' Rightmonger, a computer genius, is blackmailing the world's leaders for one trillion dollars. His diabolical plan seems unstoppable: He has instructed his personal satellite to randomly destroy countries by programming the world's video games and televisions for instant destruction on his command. Special agents form around the world gather to find the 'overseer's' master computer terminal and to put an end to his wicked plan. U.S. agent Scattergood finds himself working very closely with his beautiful Russian rival Natasha. The two superagents meet at Rightmonger's futuristic palace in Bastavia where an international video game championship is underway. The action soon comes to a dramatic climax as the world awaits the results of the video game championship when the egomaniac Rightmonger is challenged by a teenage boy. The future of the world rests in the hands of this young competitor.


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