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Volontaire 2018

There are some major spoilers in this review but that's to discourage you from wanting to see this disaster. This film is just plain silly.

A highly educated young woman decides to enlist in the military to report on military heritage and then decides to become a green beret while she's there.

Not only that, she walks around with a stupid grin on her face the entire time and everyone falls in love with her for absolutely no known reason, especially her commander who also only has one expression: tortured. Lord, but do we understand him. My expression wasn't the only thing that was tortured in the scene where the he is driving alone in the car with the jolie lieutenant and plays a Nick Cage song for her. Beautiful song ('Into My Arms'), but ridiculous scene.

Volontaire is a combination of Remains of the Day but with no soul and Stripes, but with no comedy or action.

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