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Wakefield 2017

With sharp tonal shifts from dramatic to comedic and from introspective to genuinely creepy, Wakefield manages to be an entertaining watch for all of its runtime. Cranston really gives a powerhouse performance here. He was nominated for Trumbo, but I think he's even better in this, carrying the whole movie on his shoulders with a solitary and varied performance, making his unlikable Howard Wakefield a sympathetic character.

An interesting take on middle-age crisis, and how it affects the protagonist and the people around him.

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1 / 2 directing & technical aspect

0 / 1 story

1 / 1 act I

1 / 1 act II

0 / 1 act III

1 / 1 acting

1 / 1 dialogue

1 / 1 originality

1 / 1 lasting ability to make you think

7 out of 10

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Cranston is the life and soul of this film, and he is perfect in the role of a man who has 'lost' everything. The ending frustrated a little - I wanted to know what happened next - but the plot really takes a back seat to Howard, and the introspection he goes through while watching events from afar.

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Can Bryan Cranston make a bad movie? Nope - this guy is a chameleon. The movie is a little different, but enjoyable. 7/10

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I kinda seriously disliked that ending but besides that, well acted uniqueish movie.

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