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War of the wizards

  • 90 mins

Tapping into one of the favorite subjects of Chinese cinema, War of the Wizards tells the tale of Tai, a young fisherman (Charles Lang) who accidentally dredges up a magical Golden Vessel that functions like the Horn of Plenty -- it grants wealth whenever the fisherman needs it. Along with this precious object, Tai finds a Bamboo Book with valuable secrets written inside. Soon the fisherman is fending off assaults from villains and evil wizards alike, though he cannot resist the final "assault" -- he falls in love with two sisters and marries one while keeping the other as a concubine. Unknown to Tai, the sisters are the front line of offense for their Aunt, a sorceress of black-magic who steals the Golden Vessel and then wants the Bamboo Book as well. In the last 40 minutes, the action builds to a climactic confrontation between the sorceress, her bodyguard (Richard Kiel), and Tai, who has acquired magic powers by flying to Fairy Mountain on the back of a Phoenix.

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