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Web Junkie 2014

China is the first country in the world to classify Internet addiction as a clinical disorder. Caught in the Net features a Beijing treatment center where Chinese teenagers are being "deprogrammed," and follows the story of three boys from the day they arrive at the center, to their three-month treatment period, and their long awaited return home. The film provides a microcosm of modern Chinese life and investigates one of the symptoms of the Internet age. It examines inter-generational pressures and the disregard of the human rights of minors who get caught in the net.

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Heartbreaking at moments, candid at others, it deals with China's teens online gaming addiction and the measures the government has taken towards re-integrate those affected into productive family relationships. Edited into a free-form format, it follows four months into the life of Hope, a troubled an lonely teenager who finds in WOW his only chance to experience heroism and friendship. What I love this documentary is that doesn't try to take sides or expose any kind of indoctrination. The counselor's advices and sessions are actually sound and caring, just as any Western therapy. An excellent documentary.

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